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Election Day - Feb 4, 2014

Candidate's Statement

I believe in public education and am proud of Piedmont’s excellent schools. They are the cornerstones of our town. To sustain them, our community deserves thoughtful representation and strong leadership. As a School Board member, I will collaborate with school and community members to strive for the finest educational outcomes for our children. More...

Campaign Team

Katie Korotzer, Campaign Chair
MJ Dodds, Treasurer
Committee: Jim Baack, Matt Heafey, Dave Staley, Barbara Love, Karen Sullivan, Kerry Corcoran, Laura Pochop, Shahan Soghikian, Donna Williamson, Kathleen Winters, Susan Miller-Davis, Mary Ireland, Marcia Redford, Bill Caldwell
Paid for by Ireland for Piedmont School Board FPPC ID#1362092 Login